c R E A T I V E   P O R T R A I T u r e 

The process

We have a five step process to custom tailor your shoot. 

  1. The Consultation 

  2. Concept creation 

  3. Clothing 

  4. Shoot

  5. Viewing Session

1. The Consultation

Let's meet and talk about everything you want from your shoot. Your likes, dislikes, and "must haves."

How to prepare: Do some brainstorming before we meet. What do you REALLY REALLY want out of this shoot? Pinterest is perfect for this. 


2. Concept Creation

What is a concept? To break it down, you need three things: a theme, a location and the right clothing. What do you want your shoot to look like? Moody? Modern? Simple? Let's make it happen. 

How to prepare: Think about some potential themes or feels for your shoot before we finalize our concepts.  


3. Clothing

Now that you know what you want your shoot to look like, what the heck are you going to wear? I am here for you! We'll meet up and make sure your outfits are on point. Each set of clothing will match your overall theme. 

How to prepare: Pick out 6-10 outfits and we'll go through them together to figure out exactly what you're going to wear. 


4. Shoot

It's time for the big day! Here's what each shoot includes;

+ 2 Hours of Shooting Time

+ 4 Outfits 

+ 2 Locations

+ Posing Coaching

How to prepare: Hair and makeup! Make your shoot complete by having the right hair and makeup.  


5. Viewing Session

One week after your shoot you'll get to see ALL of your amazing photos, and choose which ones you'd like to keep. 


Let's get this party started!

Reserve your session. 

Next Steps



  • Schedule a consultation
  • Pay the session retainer
  • Find a theme
  • Choose your clothing
  • Pick a shoot date
  • Schedule your Photo Premier 

Is there anything we missed? Give me a call!

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I look forward 

to working with you

- Alecia Lindsay