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This class is everything I wish I had known when I started my career in fashion photography. 




Take a peek below for more details. 

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Skills you will Develop: 

  1. Create mind blowing photos that exceed your own expectations of creativity and quality.
  2. Learn how to create images that make you SWOON.
  3. Build a thriving team that produces incredible work.
  4. Exude the confidence of a professional.
  5. Learn how to take a concept from the beginning stages to the finished product. 
  6. Apply techniques into your fashion photography to all of your photography ventures.  ''
  7. Cultivate a creative mindset & learn how to overcome the "blank canvas" overwhelm. 
  8. Create a system for fashion shoots on short notice. 
  9. Create fashion magazine editorials like a pro. 
  10. You will learn about what it takes to start or continue your fashion career or hobby.

I have three things to offer you for your creative adventure:

Everyone has a different learning style and their own unique circumstances.

Therefore, I have a few different options. chose what is right for you! 

 **Scroll down for more information on each. *

The Details

Below are the details of each of the offerings listed above -- The Intro to Fashion Photography Class, The Community, and the One-on-One Coaching. 

The Course Breakdown

8 Modules:               ** $1000 Value **

Lesson 0 - What is fashion? What makes a good image and how do I make one? 

  • We will bring it back to the basics to make sure we're all on the same page
  • What goes into a fashion image? What are the requirements? . 

Lesson 1 - Equipment - Hardware and Software. 

  • What the heck do I need to make this happen? 

Lesson 2 - The Concept + Preparation 

  • Growing and harvesting ideas 
  • Now I have the best idea ever... So, what do I do? 

Lesson 3 - Building a Winning Team 

  • How to build a kick-bootie team that makes everyone jealous. 

Lesson 4 - Shooting to Kill 

  • What to do on the day of the shoot
  • And, take drop dead gorgeous shots everytime. 

Lesson 5 - Post Processing

  • Uh, I took the photos. Now what? 
  • Plus, my post processing trick that makes sure I never run out of ideas.

Lesson 6 - Getting your foot in the door

  • Learn how to interact with modeling agencies and not feel like a complete newbie. 
  • Learn the etiquette of working with magazines so they don't hate you.  
  • Create a Portfolio to make you look like a pro, at any stage in your career. 

Lesson 7 - Bootie Camp 

  • What's stopping you? Let's move past that. 
  • Let's get physical... Get out and shoot! 

In case that wasn't enough for you, Here are some bonuses!

Bonus Resources: 

The "Really Awesome Photoshoot" Worksheets            ** $90 Value **

Photoshoot Checklists      ** $75 Value **

My personal "go-to" resource list       ** Not for sale, anywhere, ever. This is my gift for you. **

Total Value: $1465.00  ** Scroll down for actual investment. 

But, I didn't just want to stop after the class, because it felt Incomplete! So I Have two other things for you: The Community, and the Fashion Mentorship. 

For Some Of Us, It's Easier To Do Things With Accountability. We Need Help, Opinions, And Community. It's Hard To Do This Work Inside Of A Vacuum. That's Why, I Am Also Offering The Intro To Fashion Facebook Community!

Here's what the Community is all about!      ** $1000 Value ** ** Scroll down for actual investment. 

  1. Meet other Photographers like You

  2. Be a part of the Monthly Photo Challenge

  3. Image Critiques 

  4. 2 Office Hour Calls with Q&A

  5. A Safe Place to Share Experimental Work

  6. Positive Feedback 

  7. Accountability 

This is the perfect time to join the Facebook group because this will be turned in to a monthly subscription at a later date. So, don't miss out on this!

In my experience, community is an ESSENTIAL. Therefore, it's a fundamental part of getting the most out of this class. Few people do well existing in a bubble. { And if you do thrive in a bubble, Congratulations! You're the unicorn of society. } Before you experience growth, you need to be surrounded by like minded people, all reaching for success. 

And If You Want Even MORE Guidance to achieve your goals and become a better Photographer, I'm Offering A Fashion Mentorship.

BUT, There Are Only 10 SPOTS For This One So, Act Fast!

The Fashion Mentorship Is For Individuals Who Really Want To Buckle Down And Take This Seriously. 

We'll have 4, one-hour calls and we will go over your work in length, together. 

Here are a few things that are included in the Fashion Mentorship:

  • Goal Setting Session             ** $500 Value **
  • Strategy                              ** $500 Value **
  • Image Critique                      ** $500 Value **
  • Portfolio & Website Review    ** $500 Value **

With this class extension you will get my undivided attention, so we can cater our calls specifically to you and your circumstances. This is available for any level of photographer, and is meant to take your work to the next level.

I'm only offer a few spaces for these one-on-one coaching calls because I want them to be AMAZING for each person who signs up.

Total Value: $2,000


Scroll down for investment details. 

Here's a quick summary all the offerings. 

I've created 3 different packages so you can get what suits you best here and now. Take a look at how they are grouped together. 

Here are all the options for the Intro to Fashion Photography class. 

You have three choices! Do it on your own, with a community, or do it with me! Here's a quick recap of each of package includes. 

Features & Guarantees 

  • Go at your own pace

The Intro to Fashion Photography Class is an online course where you can learn at your own pace. You can marathon this baby in one night on a junk food crazed learning binge extravaganza, if you wanted to. Or you could be normal and do it over the span of a few weeks or months. It's up to you!

  • Lifetime Access

That's right! Get the course FOR LIFE. Any time I update or upgrade this course, you'll have access to it. 

  • Learn from a professional photographer. 

Alecia Lindsay is a full time professional fashion photographer based in Los Angeles, California. A few places my work has been featured in include: 

  • Charity

When you invest in this class 10% of each sale goes to charity! I don’t have a cap. So, the more you buy, the more you give! I support a charity called Pencils of Promise. 






Pencils of Promise:

The Story behind it +

3 reasons why they rock. 

But, I can’t possibly just name drop this baby. This one comes with a beautiful story. 

Adam was a brilliant young man attending Brown University when he decided to take a semester abroad. A Semester at Sea, to be exact — where he sailed around the world visiting dozens of countries.  

Along his journey, he made a goal to ask one child in each country what they wanted most in the world. 

While in India, Adam asked a small boy begging on the streets of India, “What do you want most in the world?” When he began this journey, Adam thought that children might want similar things that he wanted as a boy — cars, dinosaurs, a plane, etc. 

But the boy didn’t respond with any of these extravagant things. 

The boy responded, “ A pencil.” 

Adam happened to have a pencil on him and gave it to the boy. The boy immediately started GLOWING. He we ecstatic. He had just received this thing that had treasured so much. 

This opened Adam’s eyes to the reality of what had just happened. He had committed his life to making a difference, and later became the founder of Pencils of Promise. 

Here are just a few of the reason that Pencils of Promise is wonderful. 

1. Like most sane people, when you give to charity you can’t help but wonder, “Where is my money going?” and, “Am I actually helping the issue at hand?” I’m right there with you. 

Adam found that there two generally two types of non-profits. 1) Charities with wonderful intentions, but not all of them are well functioning machines. 2) And others, are business savvy but don’t know what to do best service the communities they are trying to reach. For this very reason, Adam immersed himself into the business world doing investment banking and consulting, to ensure he would create a efficient and functional organization. 

2. Pencils of Promise is an organization that buildings schools both in the US and internationally. BUT, these guys do it like no one else. 

3. They fund the schools to be built, wherever they are needed. But, unlike most charities who don’t take into effect that they are just showing up and inserting themselves into another other culture without knowing it's nuances, Pencils of Promise uses local leadership so that the project truly becomes about he community. These projects bring the communities together. And, not only do they build the schools, they also build hope of a better future together.

Adam himself, says that " Big Dreams start with small, unreasonable acts. "

What’s your dream? Can this class help get you there? 

Which one suits you best? 


{ $4465 Value }

Investment $1500
Save $500


{ $2465 Value }

Investment $595
Save $100


{ $1465 Value }

Investment $495
Save $100



Who Is This Class For? 

This class is for the following: 

  • If you are looking to learn about fashion photography, and how to do it. 
  • If you are looking to use techniques from fashion photography to add your photography hobby or business. 
  • If you would like to learn how to pull together a photoshoot with a team. 
  • You are interested in learning how to submit work to magazines. 

This class is NOT FOR these individuals: 

  • If you are looking to learn basic camera functions, this is not the class for you. However, you may need to work harder, but you are more than welcome to join us!  Though, you may need to work a little harder than the others because you are not yet fluent with your camera.
  • Professional Fashion Photographers -- Sorry, guys. This is an intro-class. 

I'm still on the fence. I don't know if this is right for me. 

That's okay! I have the perfect thing for you. I am hosting a complimentary webinar that comes with a free training and peek into the to course! Sign up here. This is time sensitive! 

I Have been shooting for years, but I Don't know a thing about Commercial or fashion Photography. Would this be good for me? 

My advice would be to take a look at the course break down toward the top of the page. Does any of that sound new to you? If yes, then absolutely! Feel free to text or email me with your concerns. 310.895.4477

I'm a blogger. Would this class be good for me? 

This class would definitely be of use to bloggers! 

I only have a camera phone. Should I take this class? 

Be my guest! Really though, that would be amazing. Please let me know if you join!

I want to learn to take photos of my child. Will this class help me? 

This class is not directly related to that topic, and does not specifically talk about the wrangling and posing of children. But, there are many elements of this class that would be really helpful for creative portraiture of any sort. 

When will I have access to the class? 

The doors for this class open on Monday, December 21st. 

How long will this be offered? 

Sales End On Friday, December 18th. 

When will this class be offered again? 

This class will be offered again in April of 2016. 

I don't know how to use my camera. Is this the right class for me? 

You are more than welcome to take this class, but we will not be covering basic camera operations. 

What are the pre-requisites for this class? 

Having a camera and a basic knowledge how to use it's functions, is all you really need.

Do I need to live in Los Angeles to take this class? 

Not at all! This class is 100% online and therefore, you can live anywhere and fit right it. 

Why can't I buy the class now? 

You have gotten to this page before/ after the sales are actually open. Sales are open between December 8th, and December 18th. 

Do you take affiliates?

Yes! Contact me for more info at

I only shoot film. Can I Still do this? 

Absolutely! Nearly all of the content applies the same to film. When I talk about post processing, you can always scan your images and further manipulate them in post processing software.


Still have questions?

It really matters to me that you know you're making a great investment with my Intro To Fashion Photography Course!

Email me at I will get in touch with you as fast as I can!

Better, yet. You can text me! 310.895.4477

Send me your email address in the text, and tell me how I can help you!

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