Hello, San Francisco

I spent 48 hours in San Francisco, squeezing in all the activities I possible could. 

San Francisco is filled with beautiful architecture that takes my breath away. There's just something about about the tall ceilings of City Hall { pictured below }, that reminds me just how small I am in this big world. 

Alecia Lindsay Fashion Editorial and Commercial Photographer Los Angeles

San Francisco, is a walking city. Partly because everything is so close, but also because parking is nearly impossible. I didn't spend much time in my hotel room, but when I did I was thankful for a comfy bed because I was exhausted!

Santa Monica Los Angeles Photography by Alecia Lindsay

The Legion of Honor... Perhaps the most prestigious name you could give to a museum. There's just something about columns that make me so happy.

Los Angeles, California Fashion & Portrait Photography

Just down the hill from the Legion of Honor is Lands End. Lands End is a beautiful and peaceful area that contrasts the hustle and bustle of the city. Being born and raised in Alaska, as long as I know nature is somewhere near, it helps keep me sane.

Los Angeles Editorial Photography by Alecia Lindsay

I ate so much good food in San Francisco, it hurt.

I have the biggest sweet tooth. And, ice cream happens to be my favorite food group -- that's right, I consider ice cream a food group. I found this cute little ice cream place, Smitten Ice Cream, where they make each serving of ice cream right in front of you. It take a while to make, but it is SO worth it! I got the salted caramel ice cream -- probably one of the best life decisions I could have made. 

Another one of my favorite places was Philz Coffee { **addicted** }. Philz is a Turkish coffee and tea place with a handful of locations. It's so popular that people often wait 45 minutes in line to get this stuff. It's very fortuitous for my bank account and time management that there isn't anyone near me. 

Los Angeles Commercial Photography Alecia Lindsay

I ended my visit by enjoying some of the finer things -- The Minions Movie. Classy stuff. 

Los Angeles Fashion and Editorial Photography by Alecia Lindsay

Photos taken by my IPhone 6 Plus, and edited in VSCO App.