Photoshoot Worksheet

22 Questions to get your mind rolling in the right direction.


  1. What are some ideas you have for this shoot?
  2. Which idea excites you the most
  3. What is a little intimidating about this shoot? Why?
  4. Which idea pushes you out of your comfort zone?
  5. What would you like to focus on or highlight in this shoot?
  6. What inspired you for this shoot?
  7. What areas of this shoot do you feel like you have figured out?
  8. What are 3 words you might use to describe the feel of this shoot?
  9. Are there people who are fundamental to this shoot? A model? A hair stylist? Etc.
  10. What locations are you thinking about using? Why?
  11. What are your first steps to get this started? Contact your team? Finish you concept?
  12. Who will be on your team?
  13. What positions do you need to fill?
  14. What is missing? Or what are you struggling to figure out?
  15. What is your tentative date? What is your backup date?
  16. Are you on location or in the studio?
  17. If you are on location, what time of day do you need to shoot to get the right lighting? Does it matter if the weather doesn’t cooperate?
  18. Is there equipment that you need to buy or rent?
  19. (For bigger cities) Where are you parking? How much will it cost?
  20. What season are you shooting for?
  21. Are you planning on submitting to magazines? If so which ones? (this can help with styling and concept)
  22. Are you shooting with artificial or natural light?