T H E  S H O O T


Here are the main details for the shoot (pricing/ what's included/ etc.) for you to refer back to. 


  • Please let me know if there'a anything not included in the package that seems like it would be really important for you. I'd be happy to discuss it further! 
  • I want to cater this to what works best for you and your business! So, any ideas or thoughts you have, please throw them at me! 
  • As you noticed, I have a small number of photos that are included with each package, and that is because I have such a high standard for quality and uniqueness for each image. 
  • My offer still stands for doing trade up to 50%. We can talk on this further!  
  • Hair and makeup is not count toward your two hour photoshoot. Hair and makeup can sometimes take up to two hours. So keep that in mind! 


     Session Retainer

Your session retainer is a non-refundable deposit of $600 that works as a credit toward your final images. 


     Inspiration Board

Here is our Pinterest Board. I invited you to the board so you can add photos you find, hair and makeup inspiration, or even just outfit ideas. I like to keep it all in one place. Don't be afraid to let me know if there's something on there you don't like, but usually I'll just post things for a specific idea. (ex. I might be looking at the lighting or feel of the shot and not looking to replicated it necessarily.)

     Shoot Summary

feel: Light. Bright. Chic. Polished yet relaxed. We are aiming to create a balance of professional yet approachable photos with undertones of the California laid back style. We want people to feel like Valerie is someone they can hangout with. 

style: Some styling ideas may include jeans and a leather jacket. Casual clothing with a professional twist. 

locations: Some locations may include: 1. The beach. 2. A coffee shop type setup where we can have some photos "at work." 3. A small studio set up for the "white cut-out" look. 

important shots: Banner images for main home page. 

inspiration: Marie Forleo's new website. California style + professional. 


     Next Steps / What to expect

- Let's pick dates for the shoot and for {I'll have options for you to pick from by the end of next week.}

- Start planning outfits. In case there is anything you need to purchase. 

- I'll be adding more information here as we go along! 

For whatever reason, you feel like you need to talk to me more about this, feel free to book an appointment! 

Recap // To Do's 

  • Pick a shoot date
  • Pick a photo premier date
  • Pick outfits 
  • Pay the session retainer