Ian James Bischoff | Seattle Couture Portrait and Fashion Photographer

I tend to have two modes of my personality. 1) If isn't not nice don't say it at all, and 2) Brutal honesty. Because brutal honesty isn't always taken well, I've defaulted to biting my tongue. However, for 2015, I have chosen to show the brutally honest side of myself because I've realized I've not been saying anything at all! So, here we go. Let's be honest... 

I don't like babies.

It's the hard truth. 

But I LOVE this baby! This is my little nephew, Ian, born on 12-13-14. 

Growing up, I was never around babies because all of my cousins were very close in age. I never baby sat. I had never held a baby until about a year ago. And, to this day, I have never changed a diaper. So, to me, babies are as foreign as sea creatures. Also, they are loud and sticky- two things I generally don't like to hold next to my face. 

People ask me weekly - AHEM, In-Laws - when I'm going to have babies. But considering that I'm 22, I think I have plenty of time, and I will just continue to ignore your inquires. 

When I went home to Alaska for Christmas, I brought all of my gear with me to take photos of this little dude! I didn't have much time to work because he eats every 20 mins and poos every 10. But, as I am learning, that's what babies do. 

Is there something in your life you feel like you should know about but don't? I'm sure we all have something.