As it turns out, I’m not single anymore (nor have I been for the last several years).

My point being, I’m not just me anymore. I can’t just make decisions for my own personal gain simply because I’m married. And, marriage sometimes means making compromises.

Not just eating differently, or watching certains shows to accommodate the other person’s interest -- slightly annoying, yet tolerable.

I’m talking about the big fat compromises that feel like you’re dying on the inside just a little. When push comes to shove, there are always going to be things that you don’t see eye to eye on. So, what do you do?

For the last four and a half years this wonderful man has been following me around the globe. Moving to Washington in the winters, and back to Alaska for the summers for me to get through school and for us to be together.

Driving the Alaska-Canada highway 12 times (not to mention he did it alone 8 of those times) racks up to a whopping 30,000 miles. And that’s just the start of it.

When we were living on opposite sides of Washington, every few weeks he would make the 5 hour drive (one way) to come and see me for 48 hours to see my face then sleep on a crappy couch before returning back for work.

Once I was done with school, we moved back home to Alaska, only to find out that my dream was to be a fashion photographer, something that Alaska isn’t the most fertile breeding grounds for. So, we moved yet again to Washington for a bigger market, which led us to California. “Why not go big?,” we thought.  

And, it was all for me.

Selflessly he just kept supporting me and my dream.

Which brings me here -- what kind of heartless jerk would I be to say that I wouldn’t move for him to go back to school to finish his degree? I would be exactly that. A heartless jerk.

Of course, my career would be better off in Los Angeles. But, the “us” needs to come first.

So, with all of that said, 11 days from now,  we are moving back to Seattle.

As for me and my work, I’ll be flying back and forth between Seattle and Los Angeles every few months.

Keep your eyes peeled for my travel dates. I’ll be back soon.


XO, AleciaLindsay.com



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