Seattle and Tacoma Area Photographer | Nature Photoshoot | Katia

I shouldn't even be surprised anymore at the weather that I get on these shoots. It just adds to the adventure. But, let's start at the beginning. This location is literally something I just saw on the side of the road a few times and I figured "that would be a good spot." But, let me tell you, when you are driving 65 miles an hour passed a location, you don't really get a good gist of what it is actually like. 

I saw there was lily pads, mountains, water, trees, and a convenient pull out on the side of the high way to get there. Perfect! Or, so I thought. It turns out, the parking area was actually a foot ball field or 7 away from the water with high bushes in the way. In other words, not so awesome for carrying a canoe over your head. But, no fear. I had my truck so we just mowed straight on through. Did I almost tip the truck over? Yes. Good idea? Maybe not, but it worked. 

Finally, we got all of out stuff to the location, and then... The wind. Katia was trying to look elegant in a canoe that was sailing out to the other side of this lake and paddling as fast as she could to stay close by. But when that wasn't happening, Victoria my trusty best friend/ assistant/ maid of honor was getting her work out trying to hold the reflector over her head, trying to keep it from flying away. You both are real champs! Thanks for putting up with my shenanigans.  

Can't wait for the next adventure! 

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